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Are Snell Type E III factory stands measured drawings available?


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The Snell Type E III was originally sold with an optional speaker stand that is no longer available, and they rarely show up on the used market as they probably weren't sold in large numbers.

With that in mind, from photos I've seen, the stands are relatively simple boxes that a competent DIY woodworker could likely build, or have a cabinet maker build for reasonable cost.  But what's missing are measured drawings, and only general dimensions mentioned online.

I've seen a number of very old posts online where people have said they have measured drawings for the E III stands they could provide, but those contacts have gone stale, emails bounce, etc.

So, does anyone in this community have access to measured drawings of the E III stands so that owners can build the stands?

Thanks in advance.




Reference thread for more information:




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I just received the following dimensions from an owner of Type E III stands.  When I have some time I'll make some measured drawings and clarify his notes.



B=31 cm, D=26 cm, H= 28 cm

It's a 9 mm plate outside and a 10 mm plywood inside (so total thickness is 19mm)

And the difference of the two wood types are 26mm deep (interior rabbet depth)



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