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AR P/Ns 1210122 & 165766 -PT859324


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I have one each AR P/Ns 1210122 & 165766 -PT859324. I have no idea what they are from. I bought these before I found this forum and got some education. If you need one or both msg. me. I'm not real sure about the 2nd P/N. I'll edit the add with pics tomorrow.


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This is what ebay taught me about buying speakers, take no one's word, if it isn't STAMPED AR with a AR Part number buyer beware; the buyer better be on the look out in any case. Left to right are: What seems to be a genuine AR 5.0" P/N 1210122-0A rated at 4 ohms, measures 3.6. Has sticker that says Made3 in Taiwan.

The other 2 were passed off to me as ARs and I doubt it...

The one marked "AR 25" has a tiny magnet on it, so it's prolly a radio shack woofer, (that's code for "trash") it looks cheap, doesn't weigh very much. I'll keep it for testing. Made3 in Taiwan.

the last one on the right might be a Pioneer, the Internet shows that number as a pioneer speaker and the diameter is correct and it has on heck of a heavy magnet on it. rated at 8 ohms, it measures 7.2 ohms. Who/where ever it was made they weren't proud enough to mark the point of MFR.

Sorry for my confusion, I thought the "Maybe Pioneer" speaker might be an AR but I should have looked (made sure my brain was loaded) before I shot my mouth off.

So only the one marked AR P/N 1210122-0A rated at 4 ohms, measures 3.6. and the "Maybe Pioneer" are available. I make no promises. If you guys ID them as crap I'll take your word for it.




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