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AR's near Plasma TV's


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You shouldn't have any problems, Brad - after hearing his restored AR-9s, one of my son's law school friends decided to use a pair of AR-90 systems in his small home theater set-up. They'll be flanking a 50" plasma set, and will actually be built into the walls on either side, with the plasma screen set back about 8", and hanging between them. Other than the TV, none of the electronics (or speakers) will be visible.

He picked up the 90s from ebay, and has assembled a collection of other drivers from the same source. He'll be using six AR-9 drivers in a home-made center channel, with a single 10" woofer, and electronic crossover.

He already owned a multichannel receiver, but after listening to my son's McIntosh amplifiers, has decided to go that route. Amusingly, his current primary audio source is an iPod!

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