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What's a former bass player from the late '60s to do?


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I’m in the process of restoring my 2 original AR-3a’s from 1972. I took their woofers and used them in my AR-LST’s back in 1990. I’ve read much about the newer replacements from Layne, AB-Tech, etc. and I’m under the impression that these woofers can never sound exactly like the 1972 versions. If there’s anything I want, it’s to still enjoy that original sound in every detail, I don’t want to loose it one bit. It appears that even used EBay offerings are becoming scarce, plus I'm always nervous about any on-line purchase, especially other people's shipping methods. My plan: to use two sets of AR-3a’s as I do with with my LST’s. I feel I’m a slob and a glutton for that AR sound and bass, world, please forgive me.

Any suggestions from those in the know?

Respectfully, Frank Marsi


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Guest Americain

Hi Frank,

This site is a gold mine of information. I brought my AR 3a's back to life and the people here were really helpful as you'll see when you peruse my thread.


There are many threads here that deal with the 3a's so I'm sure you'll have plenty of stuff to read. Take care.


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Once upon a time I found a guy selling the tweeters and midranges out of a pair of 3a's on eBay. An email or two later he was selling me the woofers that he mistakenly thought were worthless since the foam had deteriorated.

Imagine the number that must be in landfills. Sad.

Can't say it'll work for you, but it did for me. Come to think of it, that's how I got my 10pi cabinets, too.


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