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AR-4X wiring question


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Been a longtime visitor and occasional participant going back to 2002-2003. Haven't posted much over the years because I've ALWAYS found answers to my questions elsewhere on this website and the informative discussions.    

Looking at AR-4X wiring diagrams, and countless photos of their crossovers, the yellow (+) tweeter wire soldered to pot terminal B and dark green capacitor and green tweeter wires to pot terminal 2 seems to be the most common. My speakers (serial # FX74042, FX74072) have that yellow tweeter wire and dark green capacitor wires going to pot terminal 2 with the green tweeter wire soldered to terminal B.

After restoring the cabinets I'm ready to hit the crossovers by replacing the badly corroded original potentiometers with correct L-pads and new Dayton capacitors. Is it better to wire the crossover according to AR-4X wiring schematics or wire them like my originals?

Happy Holidays!  

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