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AR17 ... I'm compulsive!

Giorgio AR

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I can't stop and resist, I bought yet another pair of Acoustic Research: I missed them (at least in this case they are not duplicates!) And seen on the classifieds site in poor condition and in need of care, I also took this pair of AR17s.
They will arrive next week delivered to my home by a son of mine who lives near the city where they are ... so I'm sure I won't discover any other damage to cabinets or speakers due to multiple handling by negligent couriers.

The photos aren't pretty, but more will come later.




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1 hour ago, samberger0357 said:

You’re an archivist. You save these beautiful memories from a possible horrible demise and keep them alive until it’s hopefully somebody else’s turn. Bravo!

Sam, you are right, I recognize myself in your statement as an "archivist" towards me, among other things with the addition of the AR17s I add a different volume in the cabinet of my speakers with 8" woofers, larger than the AR7 and AR18 and the various AR4 models I have. I think the real comparison with other AR speakers can be with the AR6s that give a close low output to the sisters with the 10" woofer, probably the volumes of the cabinets are very close, but the woofers and tw's of the AR17 are from a future generation.
You are also right about the fact that by acquiring the AR17s, certainly the restoration will be as close as possible to the original Acoustic Research specifications ... I had been hoping for a long time to find a pair of AR17s, the opportunity arose, immediately grasped.

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I just scored a pair  (serial number consecutive!) from Ebay, they have the original P/N 20001 woofers in them. I bought a set back in 19 and 79? '78 or 79 I donno. I have them, my dogs ripped out the cones in the woofers I kept them around until about 19 years ago, I was ignorant, I called a place to buy new drivers they said they had AR replacement drivers; I was suspicious so I didn't buy them; turns out it was "simply speakers" and their stuff. I bought a pair of AR woofers on ebay (I can't recall the P/N now but they sound pretty good, I'm still on the lookout for some 20001 though. The fast was to ID these original woofers is (so far as I know) that they have square magnets. I am in the process of re-foaming this later pair. I have them ready for the glue and foam I just have to do it. I got the foam from Springfield speakers.com though Ebay, at the Springfield speakers web site they have a video (on youtube as well) on how to re-foam your speaker. They also tell you how to recenter the cone in the voice coil. They offer a wire with an head set plug that fits your smart phone on one end and a bare pair on the other to the terminals of the speaker. They instruct how to center the cone using a signal generator (they offer web site where to D/L one for your smart phone for free) by using a 50Hz tone.

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The AR17 are finished, I cleaned and finished the cabinets, painted an aluminum label (it had small but annoying lack of color) I straightened the dustcaps of the tweeters, one was very badly placed and squashed all around and that of a woofer, I put the new foam on the woofers and here is a preview photo of the result.


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