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Cizek Model-3, Ko10DT tweeter anatomy

Giorgio AR

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Among my finds I have a Peerless tweeter coming from a Cizek Model-3 speaker, torn and therefore useless with the coil burned out; sooner or later I will buy a new dome / coil complex for its restoration ... I took the opportunity to remove the dome and see the inside and grasp all the particulates of this Ko10DT that from "rumors" and from what I read previously came to Roy Cizek with modifications he obtained from Peerless!


In the center of the magnet there is a white felt button to almost completely fill the volume inside the dome.

Turning the tweeter upside down, you can see a complete round of thick glue joining the magnet to the flange and further glue on the flange itself on the long sides of the same probably to improve the seal of the flange itself on the baffle of the cabinet.
Another feature of this tweeter: on the magnet in addition to n ° 5514 1780? As standard, printed in Denmark, there is an additional yellow ink stamp, probably affixed in USA n ° ?? 24 in the Cizek factory.


Note under, in late photo taken laterally to the tweeter the non-resettable lifting of the dome suspension: who knows what volumes and temperatures the poor coil was subjected to by the previous owner!



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