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AR 15 and 17


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Hi guys!

               I haven't been around for a long while it's good to be back!

               I scored another pair of 17s! The first pair I acquired didn't have the original 8" drivers, this latest pair do!

Square magnets and all! Yeah they need new foam, that's on order.

               My brother has told me I can HAVE his AR 15 as they need foam and he doesn't wanna fool with it.

              Do you guys have any idea what these models generally (ball park) going for?



Update: They are serial number pair!



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add pics/spelling
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AR-15's do not show up often, but a little while back I saw a pair in decent shape with the original foam grilles selling for $275/pair.  I got mine for $75/pair, but I was lucky.  The original owner had painted them black, which probably kept anyone else from bidding on them.  The 15's are a significant upgrade to the 17's.  Not only does the 15 have a 1" dome tweeter, but its crossover is much more elaborate (see below). 



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If your 58s' crossover looks anything like the 48s' crossover, then you are right.  The components of the 15's crossover may have different values and it is short a couple of capacitors and midrange wires, but there is definitely a resemblance.  As I said in my earlier post, the 15's crossover is fairly elaborate for a 2-way speaker. 

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15 hours ago, dna said:

This is the spittin' image to the crossover in my 58s pair.

Crossover of my AR58S 


Before replacement with that of AR92 (you got it right, AR92, then it must be modified by replacing the woofer coil and adding the capacitor and extra resistor to transform it into AR91 crossover!), under crossover of AR48B (the inscriptions of the component values do not apply!!)


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I just want to replace the caps in both sets of 17s and the 58s; provided the chokes are ok.

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