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Earlier Posts Disappear?


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With feelings of nostalgia, a typical feeling at the end of each year, I sometimes look back at older posts. I have noticed that many member's posts including my own from years ago have disappeared.

As I recall, there were a number of key and important posts by knowledgeable members that are no longer visible. 

Why are posts deleted?

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How many years ago?  The site had some long downtime periods in 2009 and 2013 and a lot of library and forum content was lost and unrecoverable both times.

If you look at https://web.archive.org/web/20091001000000*/classicspeakerpages.net there are snapshots of the site where you may be able to view lost content.

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3 hours ago, DavidR said:

I tried to go back and look at some posts by Carlspeak and none came up.

His epic capacitor post is still there.  This link will take you to a number of Carlspeak posts




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48 minutes ago, AR55 said:

I have discovered that if you save a link to a post outside of this forum, you will often get the following message if you try to go back to it:

The page you requested does not exist

I have found that the post still exists, but the link doesn't work.


Yes, I have about ten in my browser history and not one works BUT when you come to the site and do a search they don't show up.

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Posts do appear to be disappearing from members history.  I checked my posting history and everything appeared to be there from January 2018 thru to today.  Prior to that I only have one post showing up, dated May 2, 2011.

I went into the main AR forum and found a post that I made on March 13, 2011, that does not show up in my history. It was a response to a February 18th post – Speaker Height for AR10pi.  Interestingly, the topic was archived.  Could it be that if a post is archived, it disappears from your history?  See a clip of that post below:


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There have been several forum software upgrades that at least destroyed
message threading and links to attachments to the point some threads are
basically unreadable. It's possible that messages weren't just reported out
of order.

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On 12/8/2021 at 1:07 AM, frankmarsi said:

I joined in Nov. 2004 and my archive only shows from Feb. 2006

Others have posts from 2004 on yet, mine are gone.

The exact same thing happens to me. I've been writing on this forum since April 2002 but if I see my activity it only shows from 2016 as you can see in the picture below!




On 12/7/2021 at 11:13 PM, genek said:

How many years ago? 

As in my posts I sometimes put some links to old or very old threads I could find some of my very old posts. For example you can see the picture and thread link of one of them below. It was written in 2003. So, why my old posts do not appear in my activity any longer contrary to a few months ago when they did appear? In other words if my very old posts do still exist,  why my activity only shows posts from 2016? 

Picture of one of my posts written in 2003:



its thread link:


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I had a hard time finding several of my very old threads and I believe that the

built in search engine is defective.  I was able to find them by searching through

Google.  You can enter your search string, then add site:community.classicspeakerpages.net

and it will only look here.

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