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Polyfill is the correct material.  The 910 was TOTL in its series and has flat bass response to 32hz if you follow room placement instructions, which are not rigorous.  Fiberglass, which was abandoned by AR in the decade previous to the TSW, works well but cannot be used as a quantity for quantity replacement because it has different damping properties. 

If the Polyfill has not been previously tampered with it is not the source of your bass problem.  Off hand, have you checked all connections for phase differences? And if you are biamping with two different models of amplifier you really need to analyze the connections for phase differences including the prospect that the amps are natively out of phase.


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A friend mine owns a pair of TSW 910’s, and about 10 years ago I had the opportunity to compare them to my 9LSi’s.  I preferred the sound of my 9Lsi’s, but the 910’s were still very impressive.  Comparing the two, I found the 910’s sound tended to be a little more forward and at times a little bright.  The bass response of both 9Lsi’s & the 910’s was equally excellent.  His 910’s bass response sounded the best when the speakers were placed about 4” from the back wall and had at least 12” of clear space provided on each side of the speaker.    

I agree with Aadams that your speakers may be wired out of phase.  I have attached a copy of the 910’s crossover schematic, to you help you confirm that your speakers are correctly wired.  Note that the positive connection is typically adjacent to the label on the back of the woofer or is it marked with a red dot.

The poly fill is probably original.  I wouldn't recommend removing it.

Another possible issue is that your drivers are not properly sealed to the cabinets.  Often the old foam gasket has been lost or no longer forms a good seal.  I use a gasketing tape sold by Parts Express -   Parts Express Speaker Gasketing Tape.

AR-Drawing484 - 102116 - Crossover Schematic - AR910TSW - 1987.pdf

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hey guys been a long time was discouraged with it all today  fathers day pulled woofers out somebody stuffed them things so full of poly foam i stuffed 2 tall kitchen garbage bags as full as i could stuff them and close them and still had enough to pack cabinets HOLY SHIT WHAT A DIFFERENCE  have 2 svs sb3000 subs that i dont care for they are more for home theater i believe i miss my velodyne hgs12 am looking for a hgs 15 and a 12 i actually shut the svs subs down now happy but i like when shit falls of the walls LOL THANKS

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