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I've have a pair of KLH 28 speakers passed on from my Dad. I believe they're quite rare and want to pass them on to someone who could clean them up and restore them. 

Where would be the best place to go or sell them? I don't really have space for them in my home. 

Any advice would be welcome!

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Nice speakers! I'd buy them myself but, like you I have no space. They'd be perfect for someone with a mid-century modern decor. Do you have the tulip stands?

Where to sell them? There's always our For Sale section. It's free. Be sure to post some pictures, tell people where you are and the price. Also check out AudioKarma. They have a "Bartertown" section that you can join (I think it's $25 a year) and you'll reach other (and many of the same) classic speaker lovers.

There's always ebay and you'll potentially reach a broader audience but there are fees that add up to about 15%-ish and I'd recommend "local pick-up only." I used to ship speakers but had a bad experience with a damaged KLH Model Five that was well-packed and double-boxed. Also packing up speakers is just a PITA.

Some people use Craigs List but watch out for scams (a guy shows up with a cashier's check for more than the amount, asks for the difference in cash, a month later you find out the check is fake) and some people use Facebook Marketplace although I firmly believe Facebook is evil and would never recommend it.

Good luck.


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