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OLA refurb


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I bought a pair of OLAs and Advent/2s from an estate sale here in Houston.  I knew the folks and I knew he took care of his A/V equipment.  Both pairs are in great condition on the exterior.  It seems that he had the woofers replaced on the /2s, so they're working fine.  I'll be ordering a foam kit for the woofers on the OLAs, but read somewhere to replace the caps on them while I'm in there.  Any details on these?  Do I need them if I plan to keep them on normal?

Also, I would like to know when the OLAs were made.  They are serial# 12710 and 12715.

Any other ideas while I'm working on them?






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The "large" Advents are pretty early ones without the grille on the tweeter and the additional Velcro block under the tweeter to keep the speaker grille frame away from the tweeter, in one of the efforts to avoid the tweeter domes getting pushed in.

They look like they are in beautiful condition. The capacitors are very likely to be two 16uF in each one and they should at least be tested to see if they are still in spec as they are over 40 years old. If they are out of spec., replace them with modern equivalents. Install the surrounds exactly like the originals were. Those serial numbers indicate sometime in 1970 or maybe 1971. I lean toward 1970.


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Shawn make sure you shim the voice coils to make sure they are centered and not scraping. I will try to post a few pics. Also there is some fantastic rope caulking for the gasket when you put the woofers back in the cabinet. B2WT Mortite weather strip and caulking cord. Comes in a roll and 2 strips wide applied to the edge of the woofer is perfect. My pics are too large to attach. You can get this a Home Depot or Lowes, very cheap.

Here is a link to a video on Youtube all about capacitors. Shows you how to measure them to see if you need to replace yours.


I refurbished a pair of OLAs that like yours were in awesome shape cosmetically. I sent the woofers out to Rich So who is of ADS fame. He did the surrounds in butyl rubber.

They will be good to go now for another 50 years without rot. My pair had all the paper work intact on the backside along with the original warranty cards. I did the grill cover cloth as well. Good luck with your pair and enjoy!!🔊20210312_020904.thumb.jpg.aa51e1f26f9489200c978e1001c32d0b.jpg20210225_150055.thumb.jpg.31386e3353b8495f26003258e176c10c.jpg20210222_171403.thumb.jpg.315cd0ce177fed487d8dcc0407409d4a.jpg20210310_203820.thumb.jpg.183c5f09b88de4f1bf469cb6963c6fc3.jpg20210312_021512.thumb.jpg.76405d4a1f22033ab8d4c1f598dec579.jpg20210222_172219.thumb.jpg.7d890872c669cb7b81da2613078d36f8.jpg


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Those look spectacular!  Thanks for the extra advice and links, I'll definitely use them.  I really like the original warranty and instruction sheets on mine too.  I just can't wait to get them hooked up and listen to them.  My Advent/2 pair are great, but they're definitely bookshelf speakers.

Thanks again!

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