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Acoustic Research Ar9 crossover recap


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I don't know of any 2500uF non-polar caps being made today. You can get (2) 1000uF + 500uF or (5) 500uF.

Did you want to stay with non-polar caps like ones that came with the speaker or upgrade to  film caps? Film caps cost more but will always measure the same. They are also physically larger than an equivalent capacity NPE cap.

(NPE = non-polar electrolytic)

Attached is what I'm putting into my second pair of 9s




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I have not. I am busy restoring another pair of AR9s that I will be selling. I'm currently sanding the cabinets for re-staining. Not my fav thing to do.

I have used similar caps (i.e. Clarity CSA+ AudiCap Theta for series caps and Dayton for shunt caps) in other AR speaker rebuilds. They sound very nice and good detail.

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5 hours ago, Stimpy said:

Lot's of different bypass capacitors in there @DavidR.  Have you had listening sessions with each type, or just experimenting?

Just 3 types: AudioCap Theta, Cornell-Dublier 940C and Dayton film and Foil bypass caps. I have used the Thetas and C-D in my AR90s. I think the Clariy CSA and Thetas work nicely together. I have used the Dayton but not in combo with other bypass caps. I don't expect to hear any difference.

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