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Conrad Johnson Synthesis LM20

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Came across these being sold on consignment in the local electronics store. I never heard of them and had no idea CJ made speakers but it piqued my interest. Turns out Synthesis was a separate company. The speakers were designed by Dave Fokos, who later went on to Boston Acoustics and others. 

Based on the very little info I could dig up, these were bookshelf versions of the LM210 floor standers. Somewhere there's a TAS review of these but I haven't read it. They were supposedly designed to compete with the Rogers L3/5A's. They are ported, with a Dynaudio D28A/F tweeter and a Vifa 6.5" poly woofer. Crossover and wiring are said to be of the highest quality. Finish on all 6 sides is light oak veneer.

I brought them home to audition but haven't listened yet--don't really have a good spot for them. A pic  harvested from the interweb below:

Anybody have any experience with these?


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