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KLH Woofer 116808


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I believe these towers are model 283 “kendall” style, but this is my 1st set of KLH and I cannot seem to find it’s exact match. What I am wondering is if anyone would happen to know more about them. Only reference they are KLH are the grill/cover and online searching. What I am also needing, desperately, is the info needed to replace 2-3 of the 8 woofers. I pulled 1 from rear/top and the numbers read- 116808 top and CF3 bottom of the woofer. I can include pics if needed 





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klhaudio.com sells a Kendall model, though it looks different from
what you have.

Why do the woofers need replacement? It looks like the surrounds
are blown. If that's the problem, surrounds can be replaced.

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Those are not “classic” KLH speakers so doubtful any of us here would know anything about them. I don’t know who owned the KLH name when those were made.  From a quick search it looks like those are from about 1999–long after Kloss or even Singer or Kyocera but before the current Kelley, who is trying to resurrect the original quality of the brand. I suspect the 283 was a cheap speaker made by Verit Industries in CA but I could be wrong. Definitely not Kendalls, which are from the new Kelley-owned KLH Audio.
dxho gives good advice: if you want to use those speakers get some refoam kits and repair the woofers yourself. 

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Thank you, I did realize they were not “classic” and also that they were not new. I also could find little to no info about them. This is the only forum I found that had any running knowledge on KLH. I would not mind doing a rebuild on the surrounds as these are probably the loudest/cleanest towers i have ever heard. If anyone could point me in the right direction for either replacement or repair, that would be amazing and thank you. 

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Try https://www.speakerworks.com

You'll have to do some measuring because they don't list KLH. Are those 8"? Maybe this: https://www.speakerworks.com/8-inch-speaker-repair-kit-p/swk8a.htm Also check out their helpful re-foaming video.

Note this is for ONE woofer so you'll need 4. Be sure to get the LATEX adhesive. Also, this does not include dust caps so if you plan to shim you'll need dust caps and shims. 

They're very helpful so ask how many bottles of adhesive you'll need (no more than 2 I'm sure) and what a package price would be for everything.

Another option is Rick Cobbs on ebay. I've never used him but have read any positive comments. https://www.ebay.com/str/looneytune2001

Good luck. Come back here with any questions. We may not know the KLH Model 283 but many here can give advice and guidance on re-foaming your woofers.

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