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AR3a Limited views now on sale!

Giorgio AR

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A pair of rare AR3a Limited has popped up, sold on an auction site!
It is in impeccable condition and with real walnut veneer: perfect speakers as well as the cabinets (these look like new), the only flaw I see: the linen of the canvases is a little stained and discolored.
This couple is in Italy, I have no interest or connection with the seller.


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2 hours ago, RoyC said:

The woofer surround appears to be unusual

Yes Roy, the surround is probably not the correct one (personally I have always bought the foams from Larry, who you know well and they are the best ones for our 12" woofers), the upholstery covering the frame around the foam is not the correct one either.
As you know I also own a pair of AR10TT "Replica" made in the same years as the AR3a "Reissue" or "Limited" in Italy, I think these AR3a Limited were also built in Italy, so the cabinets will have been made by the same furniture maker as mine cabinet: the walnut looks exactly like the Italian national one and the back side covered entirely on the entire surface is identical to my AR10TTs.
I found another pair of AR3a Limited for sale in the USA which, unlike, have a vinyl veneer and a differently coated back side; face frames are also thin ones, while the front baffle is in chipboard (large face frames and plywood front baffle in the probably Italian ones), in addition, the woofers of this second pair appear to be subsequent non-Tonegen replacements: long tinsel and greater angle from the dustcap, different cone pulp.


In this photo, on the right the TNG 12" woofer of AR10TT Replica, with the original aesthetic ring covering the frame, on the left an original 200003 woofer of the AR10TT MK2 with a ring that differs from the original foam.


Finally another 200003 AR10 MK2 which preserves what remains of the aesthetic ring around the suspension.


As always, I insert as many photos as I can to document our beloved AR speakers to help those who need documentation!


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