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Replacing tweeters in Dynaco A25XL's


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Hello, I have a green horn question for the Dynaco experts here. I bought a pair of Dynaco A25XL speakers. The tweeters were toast. I went to the online auction site and found a guy selling a pair of Seas H-086 tweeters. But I made a mistake me thinks. When I received the tweeters I see on the label that they are in fact Seas H-086 tweeters but they are 4 oms. Not the "4/8 ohm" tweeters. After some research I think they came out of a pair of B&O speakers of some kind. So my question is.... can I still use these in my A25XL's or am I stuck with a pair of tweeters that are useless to me now? I checked them on my multimeter and they are 3.5 and 3.8 ohms respectively. BTW, I have already replaced the caps with new Dayton Audio 8.1uf caps. Thanks so much. Cheers.

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