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AR10TT "Replica" Italy made vs AR10TT MK2 England made

Giorgio AR

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Here we have a pair of AR10TT MK2, '78 year compared to my other pair of AR10TT Replica or "Limited", about '90, they are so unknown and rare that unlike the AR3a Limited sisters of the same they do not have an original name .
These AR10TT Replicas were made in Italy upon Acoustic Research approval and specifications with Tonegen components and cabinets made by Italian furniture maker in a small series of unknown quantities!
The veneer is in Italian walnut and in the back is in single sheet, note the difference of the back covering with the brother made in England.

AR10TT Replica front


AR10TT MK2 front


AR10TT Replica rear


AR10TT MK2 rear


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And under the individual speakers removed from the cabinet: certainly the Tonegen production for the woofer and the midrange, the tweeter seems to be of AR production, even if it has a custom-made label above what looks like an AR label: the identification number is also canceled and corrected in pen! corrected the 3.8 ohm value found that equates the tweeter to the previous 200001-1 series.
I forgot the midrange resistance measurement.

AR10TT Replica, Tonegen woofer


AR10TT Replica TNG midrange


AR10TT Replica Tweeter


AR10TT Replica Tweeter, the 1200011-1 label covers what appears to be the label that distinguished US production.


This is the AR10TT Replica to which the speakers in the picture have been removed.


It is still the crossover to be documented, the replacement of the capacitors is already planned, on this occasion the contents of the cabinet will also be photographically documented!

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Thanks Giovanni, I have owned these AR10TT Replicas for a long time, but little have I found and is known as documentation of these speakers.
I consider the mid / high section in these TNG component Replicas superior to the US originals, but (I tested the speakers with a pair of 200003 original AR10TT woofers for a few months) I prefer the US woofer over the TNG: it is certainly more present and "harder" ".

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8 ore fa, Giorgio AR ha detto:

Grazie Giovanni, possiedo queste repliche AR10TT da molto tempo, ma ho trovato poco ed è noto come documentazione di questi diffusori.
Considera la sezione medio/alta di queste repliche a componenti TNG superiore alle originali americane, ma (ho testato per qualche mese i diffusori con una coppia di woofer AR10TT originali 200003) preferisco il woofer americano al TNG: è sicuramente più presente e “più difficile ””.

Anch'io preferisco il 200003 e il 200003-1, al TNG che, a mio avviso, esprime un basso più leggero e meno "magico", tuttavia le differenze sono lievi e calibrando la quantità di assorbimento del cabinet si attenuano così tanto. Con identici valori di Qtc, sia con il TNG che con il 200003, la qualità dei bassi è simile, inoltre la disposizione in camera degli altoparlanti aiuta ad ottenere bassi molto simili.

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