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Norman Laboratories System 12 Crossover/Amps : Looking for info and possibly a marriage.

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Hi 1st post.  I have recently acquired two (2) Norman Laboratories System 12 "electronic crossover - amplifier. "  I am looking for more information, and to possibly find a higher and better use for them.  See the pictures.

  • Information about Norman Labs is limited, but its out there, including a few posts on this site.
  • The Model 12 is VERY rare.  I have only found pics from a way outdated sales posting, see 5 pics.  Very cool looking.  NORMAN LABS 12-B SPEAKERS Photo #453803 - US Audio Mart
  • These crossovers/amps are even more rare.  My pics are the only ones I can find on the interwebs.
  • I assume these System 12 crossover/amps are meant to pair with the Model 12 speakers.
  • Not sure how to test them w/o speakers.  They do power on.
  • I wonder if each crossover/amp can power a pair (seems so) or do you need two to power a pair of Model 12's?
  • Wondering if I can use one as a crossover for some bookshelf monitors and an active or passive subwoofer?
  • Ideally I would like to see these reunite with a pair, or two, of Model 12 speakers.  Any ideas for how I can do this are also welcome.  
  • Also, wonder what a fair price is, should I get to pass them on?

Cheers, any Info or conversation is welcome.



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