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Odd measurement of old resistor in LST


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I have been slowly restoring a pair of later model LST's, including recapping the crossover. Despite being advised that I would not experience any material benefit by replacing the old resistors (I haven't done this previously), I decided to anyway!

As I did this, I thought it would be interesting to check all the old components as I replaced them. Most of the electro caps were quite good, apart from one that was about 25% out. But what surprised me was the oddly named King Wahoo 10ohm resistor, which read 19ohm.

My questions are:

Is this a rare occurrence?

Would such a large variation in Rs manifest in any audible or practical way?

If so, what?

Is there any point replacing resistors? (I'm wooed by the idea of fancy 'audiophile' resistors but sense that this is not because they are any better, but because ignorant hobbyists like me are suckers for that kind of marketing.)


King Wahoo 19ohm.jpg

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I've restored about 1/2 dozen AR speaker and have always found that the sand cast resistors (pic attached below) have all measured very close. I would always replace a resistor that is out of spec. I have not bothered to replace any that are associated with an attenuation switch, unless out of spec. I do tend to replace resistors in the xover that are not associated with attenuation switches. I have always used Mills resistors (2nd attached pic).




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Ar_pro has seen it right, I too am attaching photos of resistors used in AR in the early 80s (but aesthetically they correspond to the 70s) in AR48B and AR92 crossover.
Those out of tolerance resistors are substitutes for the original.


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3 hours ago, giovanni56 said:

No it's not weird, on the last LST Ar manufactured Ar used those resistors as well. I found one that was faulty.

How about that? I never would have guessed. 

As Giorgio mentioned, I've never seen a King Wahoo resistor in an AR speaker. They must have gotten quite a deal on them. ^_^

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