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Restoring AR 35 BX


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Good day, 

I hope I am in the right place.

I recently bought supposed AR35BX speakers, but only found out that the middle speaker and woofer are no-name brands.

Luckily I bought it super cheap and was hoping there is a way of getting the original speakers to replace the no-name ones?

Unfortunately, being from South Africa, it is hard to find information on what the specs are for the speakers and if there are any available (chances are that I will have to import it in any casy).

Also, I know very little about speakers technically, so any advice would surely be appreciated. 

Thank you in advance.






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You made a great purchase!
I think you will not struggle to find the 10" and 8" AR / Tonegen components to replace the incorrect components, (AR / Tonegen were supplied as spare parts after 1984 for the previous series of speakers all Made in USA) as you can see the possibilities for replacement are many
The cost will not be high, certainly less expensive if for example to buy AR original speakers.
Here on CSP you will find help, advice and even photos for restoring your beautiful AR35BX pair.

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Giorgio, thank you for reply and information, I really appreciate it! 

I've tried to find a couple of drivers here in SA, but struggling. Also waiting for the supplier here to get back to me for the prices of new drivers. 

It would be great to be able to get the originals/tonegen ones though. 

Thanks again for your reply. 

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