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KLH Model 38


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Hi Guy’s, 

been a while since visiting this side of the globe, been messing with a bunch of English classics. 

Anyway spotted some Model 38’s on the market close to me and after a brief chat found out the owner had brought them new back in 74 and they were untouched. I was around quick smart with $35AUD this afternoon. The cabinets are a bit dry with a few missing chunks but nothing to be scared of.

Have not hooked them up yet but assume the cross over values will be way out. I can’t seem to find any info out there on them.

can anyone help 

post pic’s tomorrow 

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I did a search and found some discussion on AK. Try this search: KLH thirty-eight speaker site:audiokarma.org

Looks like the classic Thirty-Eights (as opposed to the CT-38) came in 2 different versions. One with a naked tweeter and one with fiberglass over the tweet. Otherwise basically the same as all the 2-way KLH speakers of that era. Nice cloth-surround woofers. You definitely need new capacitors. I saw a photo in one thread with the notorious Temple black caps with red ends. One 4uF per box. Those leak over time.


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Thanks Kent,

nice to talk with you again.

As you can see cabinets are a little tired, however the woofer is in outstanding condition, fibreglass covered tweeter. No time to open them up so I hooked these up for a little test run. Everything functioning as they should, nice lows, highs are a little muddy but sure they will sharpen up with some crossover work. Great little speaker.  




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Nice. I think you will be able to refresh those cabinets when you have a chance. Meanwhile, the caps should make a significant improvement. Do you have the grilles?

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Little bit of work on these today, Sydney has gone into lockdown till the end of the month! Popped out the woofers and ordered some Jantzen cross caps.

Worst of the damage


Hate seeing pot plants on speakers


sanded up well, had one tiny sand through trying to get out the pot plant water damage   




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Sydney has gone into full lockdown in the west and fairly tight restrictions where we are, upshot is the KHL’s have seen some love 

The leading edges were roached so I sliced them off flush with the baffles 


I removed the swollen material behind the veneer filled the cavities with glue and clamped the boxes back straight 




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I had some American Walnut on hand and made beads for the leading edges 


 I sanded back the baffles and filled the holes where the staples and grille tacks were 


clamped the new beads in position 


should be able to get some clear coats on tomorrow 

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Nice work! Can’t wait to see the finished product. I always shy away from purchasing speakers with cabinets that badly damaged. It’s nice to see how it’s done.

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Sanded up well 


I applied a light teak, non grain raising stain. This evened out the sun damage and the water marks, also disguised the repairs and variation between the new solid walnut and the old veneer. The colour is not that dark in real life, the close up of the caps shows colour shade closer to the true finish.

First coat of two pack 


sanding between coats 


3rd finish coat 


replaced the caps


Fired them up - massive improvement with the tweeters, huge lift and separation from the woofer.


What is the consensus with the fibreglass wool over the tweeter? Should I reinstate?



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The surrounds are in pretty good shape but think I need some of you new goo @RoyC I’ve spoken to some others down here that are keen on trying your product so might order a few together. Sydney is in full Lockdown with the Delta strain for the month, still nothing compared to you guys, Arkansas is twenty times worse off. 

Lucky I’m not locked out of my workshop …………. Yet     


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Sorry to revive this thread. Currently trying to rebuild the crossovers in my pair of these and have nothing to go on for reference (guy I bought them from did a hack job, coil is still intact tho).

Is it just a 4uf cap and the coil, or are there any components that I'm missing? TIA 

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