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AR9LS/LSi & 98LS/LSi Grilles - Plastic Trim


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Anyone that has tried to replace the fabric on the 9LS/LSi & 98LS/LSi grilles knows how difficult it is to remove the plastic trim on the back of the grilles without breaking it.  For those that are not lucky enough to have the trim come off in one piece or even a few of pieces, McMaster-Carr sells 3/64” thick x ½” wide black plastic strips.  The strips are slightly wider than the original AR trim, but still a good fit.  

The strips come in 5-ft lengths for $3.95, and are shipped in 4” diameter rolls.  You will need to reverse roll them and set them aside for a few days to flatten them out.  A minimum of 2 of strips are needed for each speaker.  Below is a link to the McMaster-Carr site.

mcmaster.com - 1/2 inch plastic strip

image.png.240c9685aff91fef1bc8d46a3780f277.png      image.png.4813d8f7c87005dc0ecd5de80bf609bc.png



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