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AR3a woofer: birth, evolution and derivatives

Giorgio AR

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A small photo shoot to illustrate the 12 "woofer used in AR3a from the beginning, passing through the latest examples and subsequent evolution (200003 adopted in AR10PTT and later 200003-1 with square magnet.)

I do not insert the next Tonegen woofer, which arrived in the AR house around mid '84.

Overview of the 5 woofers.


1° AR3a woofer woofer 


1° woofer ceramic magnet circa 1969


1974 AR3a woofer


1978 200003 AR10PTT MK2 woofer


1982 200003-1 AR58S woofer



These photos allow you to see the aesthetic differences made by AR over the years and are useful for recognizing and dating the original components in the AR speakers.

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Thank you for posting the images of the various woofer evolution. What one of my posted questions was about is how since the beginning did the performance change? Of course the aging process will have an effect. I am curious because there appear to be many options for woofer replacement. But how will they affect the performance of the overall system, all other things in the given speaker (assumed) to be correctly operating.



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