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AR-6 newbie questions

Guest Jay

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I just picked up a pair of AR-6 speakers for a buck. Cabinets solid but in need of refinishing. Woofers need refoaming, of course. All else appears to be original. I've perused the site and have Googled but can't find answers to some specific questions. I intend to repair these speakers for my own use, and as a project. I love vintage electronics and specialize in jukeboxes and the like but for $1 I couldn't pass these up. Serial numbers are 022225 and 024203. On to the specifics:

* Does it make sense to refoam these with similar foam material to that used originally, knowing that it will fall apart again in a few years, or is the foam supplied in today's repair kits more durable?

* Is there a common source for the black putty that seals the drivers in place?

* Is there a source for replacement grille cloth? Mine are OK, a couple of small holes and some stains. I'll probably ues velcro on the frames as removal was a delicate process.

* The woofers in my speakers have different magnet structures. Any idea why that would be, is one better than the other or a replacement? Baskets and cone assembles appear identical. One of them has the conventional "D" shaped alnico magnet structure with masking tape covering the open sides. No markings on it. The other has a square sealed metal box, stamped "Magnetic design configuration based on U. S. Patent 2,478,4??" (I can't make out the last digits.) I'm somewhat concerned about the different speakers sounding unbalanced. Any idea why they changed? The seraial numbers aren't that far apart, I'm assuming they were bought as a stereo pair.

* I understand that the tweeter level pots will need to be repaired or replaced. Any other parts of concern? Crossover capacitors?

* It looks like the only way to work on the internals of these speakers is through the woofer opening in the front. Is this correct? Anything special about the fiberglass "stuffing"? They seem to have a soft paper/cloth type of material right behind the driver probably to prevent fiberglass from touching the cone. I assume that I can carefully remove and replace this.

I would assume that these would be right at home in a medium-sized office fed by a Dynaco Stereo 120?

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