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need help to identify the model of these vintage Acustic Reasearch!


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I’m surprised no one has answered. What makes you think they are AR? I’d be curious to see the backs of the drivers to see if there are any identifying markings. What about the back of the cabinet? Any markings at all?

I suspect they are generic ’70s acoustic suspension such as the XAM line from Korvettes. Not bad but not AR.

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I took the challenge and spent some time searching.  These don't look like any AR model I can find.  Three items: The drivers are wrong. The woofer resembles those used in Kef speakers and the tweeter is unlike any AR driver in the library; no AR ever had wiring directly into the rear of the speaker;  the vinyl covering doesn't look right.  These could have perhaps once been ARs but they have been modified beyond recognition. 

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The location of the badge is another bit of suspicion. It's at the lower left corner of the grill, vs the lower right location normally seen on ARs.

My guess is that someone stuck an AR badge on a no-name speaker. Or it's an AR-branded speaker from the Audiovox era, which is more or less the same thing.

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