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L1290/2 grille solution

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I'd like to share what I've done w/r/t replacing the grilles on new-to-me L1290/2s, in the hope it may help someone else here. 

I'm not recommending what I've done, but it works OK for me.

The speakers were purchased from a guy in VT who had opportunity to deliver them to a location not far from my house in Metro West Boston.   The speakers were in decent shape but were supplied without grilles.  Nothing wrong with leaving the drivers exposed, but those domes are finger magnets, so I wanted grilles one way or another.  They don't seem to be available as used items.  Richard So didn't have any, either. 

After some homework I ordered a pair of rectangular, 5/32" perforated, staggered-hole steel grilles from Reliable Hardware.  Dimensions I used were 29" x 10".  Nice finish. The vendor was willing to bend the edges for an additional $20 setup charge, which I declined.  Delivered cost was $63 + $23 shipping, or $86.

I mounted the grilles using nylon circuit board standoffs and screws which insert directly into the existing grille mounts.   These were sourced from Amazon or eBay, I forget which.  Standoff length is 25 or 30 mm.

Later I added automotive door edging after repeatedly catching my clothing on the raw edges of the grilles.

As a final touch I added engraved, period-correct (I think) ADS badging from a supplier in located in Iowa and selling on eBay.

Results are illustrated below.

The downside is that the grilles are heavy and occasionally work loose.  They don't fall off however.  I probably should have had the edges bent (only cry once theory).  I'm considering building custom basswood or spruce frames and covering these with speaker cloth, once I finish a couple of other woodworking projects I've got going.  If I do that I'll post an update.








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