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Hello experts!
I’m dying to start re-habbin on these awesome Westlake TM-1s but I want to do it right and not ruin them!
I’m not sure of the extent I should go to.
Maybe wrap them in a cool veneer?
Patch and paint?

What should I do to make them the Most Badass?


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How you refinish the exterior of these speakers should be entirely up to you as you'll be the one spending time with them. Questions are where and how will they be used,  in a studio, a stage setting or a home setting, you haven't offered up enough particulars about these pertinent matters. Additionally, are the innards operable? What type of system and amplifiers will you be using.  Are those cabinets up to any task you may have in mind?

The first and last time I saw this make of speakers in use was sometime in 1971 when a close friend of mine invited me as a guest to "Electric Lady Studio" in New York city. His band was as they say 'laying down some tracks' for a demo his band was doing to be presented to record producers for consideration.

I don't recall their sound quality enough to be able to comment or discuss though,  besides, we were all pretty whipped. I don't recall any bad memories about them and know they were used by many major studios and companies as the studio-standard in those days. In new and complete condition, they were beautiful to behold and looked impressive mounted in a wall as most were installed.

If one were musically active in those days,  you'd know Jimi Hendrix himself began operation of that studio company, and if I'm not mistaken there were a couple of more locations that operated also after his passing in September, 1970. I was quite thrilled to be in the same studio where many greats recorded their music. Ya see, that's about 50 years ago and in and around the same time I purchased my first pair of AR-3a speakers. That's a lot of water that passed under my musical-bridge since and before.


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Welcome Alby

I had never heard of those speakers but did a little google search and they seem to be big-bucks beauties. Saw this on usaudiomart:

Asking Price:
USD $20000.00
Retail Price: USD $40000.00

So, I'd suggest using a beautiful veneer to try to make them as original as possible. Of course Frank's advice makes a lot of sense too.


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Yes, I am the owner.

I just recently put this post (regarding refurbishing the monitors) up on several different audio-oriented forums.

Maybe you saw another similar post?

At this point, they are not yet up for sale.



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