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I have been offered an orphan Model Twelve


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It's coming with no mate and no crossover box. Would it make sense to build a simplified i.e. single setting Model Five crossover for it? It would likely do duty as a center channel and equipment stand flanked by my restored Model Sixes. This is probably an absurd arrangement, but bear with me. The single Model Twelve is free and I don't want to see the thing cannibalized. Could I just put a coil on it and run the woofer by itself? 

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It's no secret I really like the Twelves. Sold mine because there was no room for them. So I think your idea of center channel/equipment stand is cool. There's actually a Model Five xo on ebay right now. It's the printed circuit board type and replacing the caps is easy. The Model Twelve xo's rarely show up for sale. Other options might be a 3-way active xo or maybe even a generic (oh no!} passive xo.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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