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recovering AR-18b and 18s cabinets with Vinyl wood grain

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I have never completely stripped and re-veneered a speaker, but I have replaced damaged faces.  You have a number of options, but first you need to remove the drivers and then strip off the existing vinyl veneer with the aid of a heat gun.  The options that I would consider are:

1.       Reapply a new vinyl veneer.  Would not be my first choice.

2.       Prep and paint the exposed MDF board.  It will take a few of coats to get a good result.  You can find a number of how to videos on YouTube.  Done right the finished product can look great.  I was going to do this with a pair of AR-48b's for my daughter, but she ended up giving them away before I got to it.   

3.       Replace the vinyl veneer with real walnut veneer.  Here is a link to a guide on how to strip and install new wood veneer: Stripping and re-veneering KLH 6 speaker (you have to scroll down a bit to get to the veneer install).  This is pretty close to how I have done it.

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I have used stain pens to cover up small chips in the walnut veneer that have exposed the underlying MDF board.  The results have been generally good, however, sometimes walnut stain pens can be a little dark, so I would experiment in less visible spot first.

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