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In answer to your message/question to me, to clarify, early on in this discussion, both Frankmarsi & JKent suggested the safe solution of using 2 power amps, one for each speaker pair.

JKent went a step further & essentially solved your problem by pointing out that your PAT-4 has two pairs of power amp outputs, unlike most other preamps, which don't.  You'd just need to get another ST-120 so that you can use one ST-120 for each pair of 2aXs.  This solves your problem very elegantly, leaving you with everything being well-matched.

The "problem" that is being solved here is actually worse than it appears and I alluded to it early on:  2aX impedance does drop to approx 4 ohms (see CR speaker article, May '70). Thus, using two in parallel could result in a 2-ohm load, something that your ST-120 won't like.  The ST-120 likes an 8-ohm load and should be comfortable with one pair of 2aX despite the variation in 2aX's impedance.  I hope this is a clearer explanation. 


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On 9/15/2020 at 9:43 PM, frankmarsi said:

Yes I do, yes I do.

Frank here is my pair of AR LSTs, resting on top of AR3a and AR10PII replica, alongside AR78LS.
Thank you for giving me the input to position the AR LSTs up and upside down (I am fully satisfied with the cleanliness and sharpness of the whole range, the low range is very good, certainly the woofer below the AR3a does better)
I do not have your complete Audio set nor for now the right amplification for the 4 pairs of 12 "AR at the moment all McIntosh amps.



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