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First Large Advents


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Hi, just joined the CSPDF since I have just acquired my first pair of "Large Advents". 

I have been looking for years and only seen some really beat up ones with vinyl veneer. 

I thought I knew what I was looking for but when these showed up realized I didn't know much. 

First my knowledge was based on what little I knew years ago and I have been searching CL for a decent pair that had wood veneer. 

So these have beveled front edges and I only knew about the rounded edge version.

I bought them from the original owner who said he bought them new in 1975 and the dates on the tweeters are 1975. 

The other odd thing is that one tweeter is red and the other green. The PO said he bought them that way and they sounded the same so he was OK with that. 

The P.O. did refoam the woofers and did an OK job. Phone flash is overcritical, in natural light they look great. 

The cabinets have a few light scratches on the top of one and a light drink glass discoloring on the top of the other.

They sound great to my ears. The P.O. did not mention recapping them so I might pop them open to check. 

Any insight on the mixed tweeters and S/Ns? Any advice on a resource for the recapping how to and sources?

I'd like to find another pair eventually and do the dual Large Advent setup.

Thanks, SS  

Advent Grn.JPG

Advent Red.JPG


Pair Advents.JPG

SN Sticker.JPG

Twee t Red.JPG

Tweet Green.JPG

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Welcome S.S.

Those are Original Large Advents. The bullnose ones were the New Advents. Green tweeter is original, red one may be a replacement. Check out this useful thread: https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/identifying-your-advent-loudspeakers.126376/

Also check out Pete Basel's Advent crossover info http://baselaudiolab.com/ADVENT_LA_XO.html

What's the P.O.? You buy these at the Post Office? 😉


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As I stated  on AK, the only discrepancy is the serial numbers and driver dates. The drivers are definitely later ones as the tweeters have the black tape only going part way across the Masonite and the stamped dates, of course. Earlier (pre 1975) ones have the tape going all the way across.

So either somebody stuck newer drivers in older cabinets or the paperwork was missing and they found older examples to stick on there. Who knows?

Also, as I said, the tweeter cone colors make no difference as long as the magnets are the same size.

Another thing I just noticed - the glue holding the Masonite ring on on the one woofer is dark. Is it reddish? The usual was a light tan, mastic type glue. I have seen other examples with the red clue, however.


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hi - my friend (and doc of the last 20 years) had to move to southern cal and asked me to sell his advent speakers - the original model.  They need new foam surrounds.

I am a speaker guy (you can google mike klasco) and know the advent product well. By the way, the green vs. red color is due to the change in laquaer which also resulted in more highs - so your pair is not matched... it was a running change and not a model # change.

Advent promoted "stacked advents" for bass extension - as over most of the range you would get about 2+ dB increase in sensitivity but at the last bottom half octave this increases to +5 dB (so instead of power they add in phase where the wavelengths are larger). With the avaialble pumping power and the sealed boxes you can really EQ the response down to below 20 Hz.

also have the much later advent powered sub

if interested make me an offer



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