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Audio Professional AP50 Monitors.?

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So then, found these in a junk shop for €25.

A bit dusty, and a few scratches on the wood venneer, but will clean up nicely.

Nothing on the web, save a few picys. SEAS throughout, and in "brand new" condition.

And what's "uni-phase"?


Nice graph?


Tried to get in, but all three drivers are stuck fast, or have been glued in! Would love to re-cap them, as they sound good as they are. Really good!

15kg each, real wood venneer, 25mm LDF cabinets.


BUT the thing that sold me, was that all three drivers are angled downwards? On the ledges that they sit above, strips of woollen fabric have been added. Nice touch.

Probably the best built cabinets I've come across.


If anyone has any tips on getting one of the drivers out, then please tell. Even a small screwdriver just digs into the front baffle when I try to lever it out.












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They where sold with stand. Declining backwards so drivers where straight. All magnets off the drivers where on online... 

Where realy good speakers. Built in Belgium. The telephone speakers syntese 1 and 2 are from same manufacturer, different name... 


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