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KLH vs LEAK vs Realistic vs Wharfedale Dovedale 3?

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I all.

As just written on the KLH section, I'm now the very proud owner of a pair of 5's. "Like New" cosmetically, I'm going to recap before I make any snap decisions.

Awaiting new caps, are a pair of Leak Sandwich (8ohm), which I've completely revised, as the "tweeter-attached-to-the-grille" has been modernised. Caps from Germany within a week.

Recently completed, a full refurb. of a pair of Realistic "Optimus" T-200's. Not exactly classic, but I saw the potential, got them for a good price, and a few weekends later, they sound & look great.


But, here's the question (as per topic title), what to keep.

The picture of my set-up/room, also shows a pair of RAM monitors, recently recapped.

I need to shed some weight.


The RAM's are spoken for. As for the other three, I'll just have to wait for all to be auditioned.


BUT, the previous owner of the KLH 5's also has a great looking pair of Wharfedale Dovedale 3's. It was 90 minutes drive each way!


How worthy a contestant in the audition would the Wharfedales be? I am going to keep just two for the four. IF anyone suggests that I have too go back, as they will easilly outperform the other contestants, then I'll call the seller and make the trip, next weekend. IF they are "more of the same", then the audition will be between the KLH 5's, The Leak Sandwiches & the Realistics (not really "classic")


cheers for any advice




musicroom 23022020.JPG

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So then, the caps arrived.

First impressions are very, very impressed. Thought it was going to be about the bass from those lovely woofers. But no, those tweeters! Will spend the weekend listening to them, and give them a side-by-side test against the Optimus T-200's. The KLH 5's and Wharfedale Dovedale III's are still being worked on.

When all are completed, only TWO will remain. I'm not a collector. Happy to enjoy the journey, repairing etc. but a room full of speakers isn't for me. The best two will stay, and the two others sold on for more funds for the next big find!


Me thinks the Leaks are well placed to be one of two keepers.

leak sandwich restored.JPG

leak 600 crossover.JPG

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