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Rect iii mini (just one) available/or for parts

Andrew Silverman

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On 2/20/2020 at 9:11 AM, Andrew Silverman said:

Rect iii mini (just one) available for parts or intact if you cover shipping. 

Hello Andrew. This post might've been slightly more appropriate in the For Sale section of this forum, and you will probably benefit by providing additional information on your orphan speaker. But more specifically, pics will be necessary to generate interest for any potential buyer, and some indication of your location and price range will be equally important to conduct a successful transaction.

With the Mini-III speaker model, pics of front and rear and cabinet sides are all important. Early Rectilinears used very nice walnut veneer, and this is always critical to buyers. They also used more than one grille cloth color, and there were minor variations in the driver assemblies and placement - - you should show grille material and front view of speaker without grille. Also a pic of backside will reveal the type of cabinet construction employed as well as the location of wire terminals and factory labels.

These are great small speakers, but the minor variations throughout production will probably be important to anyone seeking to complete a pair of Mini-III's.    




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Appreciate the information. Just auditioned the speaker and it sounds so nice I'm half tempted to use it as a mismatch with the Optimus-21 I tested it with. I'm unsophisticated (read ignorant) on these matters so I paid no mind to the 4 ohm biz just hooked up to Harman Kardon HK 3390 and let them play. But I have both of the Optimus, so I will list that pair and the Rect mini on for sale site with photos as you suggested. Appreciate your help, Andy 

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