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VR970 and VR2000 Malfunctioning Amplifiers - Thoughts?


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Hello fellow BA fans.  I appreciate you letting me drop in on your forum for some guidance.  I've tried the forum search feature, but haven't gotten any hits on my particular problem.  

Two of my BA loudspeakers are having--what I believe to be--amplifier problems. 

The amp of one of my VR970 speakers won't "latch" in the powered-on position (as you all probably well know, the amp is supposed to sense audio signal, then power-on automatically).  The amp senses the audio signal and tries to power on, but it won't stay powered on, instead fluttering on and off and causing static to be produced by the speaker.

My VR2000 sub, upon being energized (either by the on-auto-off switch on the rear, or toggled by an audio signal) generates a fairly loud hum for about three minutes; the hum slowly fades over about another three minutes to almost nothing.

I myself am not competent enough to troubleshoot or repair the electronics, but I do have a shop that can probably do it, and any additional guidance I could give them would be helpful.  

Does anyone have experience with these symptoms and/or thoughts on where to point the technicians?

Many thanks in advance!

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