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Integration of: "Wall mounting AR speaker system"

Giorgio AR

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Finally purchased and arrived today at my house a kit of Wall mounting AR-7 speaker system.
It consists of an instruction sheet and a small envelope containing 4 brackets to be fixed to the back of the speakers, 4 bracket fixing screws (and I think then added the 4 brackets and wall nails on which to hook the speakers).
The instruction sheet, compared to what I have already seen previously published on CSP, specific to AR4x, is updated for use with AR-4xa, AR-6 and AR-7 systems, as written on the Note and I think this is the only difference compared to previous kits.
Below the photos on the instruction sheet, as well as the brackets, the screws and the small envelope containing the hardware.
Thanks to this desired kit, I will finally be able to place a couple of my AR7s on the wall using the original material supplied by mom Acoustic Research !!











As last, another sheet of: power handling ability and power fusing information


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Jeff, your instructions are like the AR3a-IMPROVED, in the sense that it improves and increases the information, in fact it suggests to first drill the wall horizontally and then continue to insert the nail diagonally, thank you for giving me additional information!


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