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Hello all,

                     to all you people that do your own surround replacements I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to MSound and/or John McPeak the company's owner? His kits were great, he delivered them promptly and in my experience always the correct foam surrounds for the make and model were delivered.  I know John changed his email at least twice and stopped selling through Ebay some years back.

Thanks, Tom H.

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Hi Tom

A couple of years ago, after M-Sound ("moonlistener") had disappeared from ebay I did a little sleuthing and found John's phone number. He was surprised but pleased to get my call. He said he was unhappy with ebay's ever-increasing fees and planned to set up his own website. I don't think that ever happened. He had previously told me he had health issues but did not elaborate and I did not pry. 

John's a good guy and I hope he is well but fear his healthissues have prevented him from re-opening his business.

Anyone else have any info?


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