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Found pair of Cizek MG-27 subwoofers

Giorgio AR

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After years of waiting, the owner and I finally brought his pair of Cizek MG-27 subwoofers out of the cellar where they slept buried under dust and other material.
The conditions despite the years of neglect still seem good: the cabinets are intact, no dent on the veneer and no lifting of the same, there is only a few stains due to humidity and a lot of dust deposited, the grilles, (I think not original?) these are in excellent condition.
All four woofers need refoaming and seem to have spiders in good shape (no spider sinking).
In the cellar there are still a couple of Cizek Model3s to be recovered and they were part of the kit sold together with the subwoofers and we will soon be pulling them out of the antrum in which they are.
I had been waiting for this moment for years, at the time I proposed to my friend to buy him the speakers, I hope soon to realize this purchase.
Below the photos of the "find"




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Hi. I think grilles are not the original ones. The originals were made of brown foam only (no frame). Foam was shaped (internally) with the footprint of the speakers. I paired them with a couple of DQ-10 by Dahlquist, xover set at 100 Hz. See pic. I love them. Hope you saved the MGs. Cheers. Alberto


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Exactly two years later ...
finally I remove the 4 woofers from the 2 MG-27 sub, thank goodness that the cabinets held the woofers vertical, so even if they have not been used for over 10 years at least the spiders are fine!
The woofers left the cabinets dirty and in need of care (the furniture will be restored later). The photos show the very bad aesthetic shape of the cones and baskets.
From today the woofers are waiting for cleaning and refoaming in my house, stored in an optimal way, I thought I would start work in the next few weeks, but I could not resist ... I started with the first woofer, and in the following photos you can appreciate the result.
As foam I chose the Boston fillet type which seems quite adequate in all sizes, including the high excursion of these woofers.

First sub


Quartet of woofers


The starting woofer after...




direct comparison


The story continues...

I also insert the photo with the measure in mm. of the roll foam diameter: 17.5 mm.


Here the comparison with a Cizek Model2 8" woofer


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