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$899 Guru QM10 Speakers (#3) Gray Clean Demo Units CT

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$899 Guru QM10 Speakers (#3) Gray Clean Demo Units  CT

Another pair used by the importer for demos at his home.

These are flat gray, huge hit at the HE2007 show:
At RMAF 2007:

They are designed for placement against the wall, I even enjoyed them in the corners where
their bass was comparable to my large Vandersteen 2Ci's - in fact the QM10's sounded better.
They have sat around probably for the last 5 years unused so it is time to sell them.
They have a few minor scuffs but are otherwise like new - see the pictures.
Spent a few hours listening to them and they are fine all caps are film type so they should
never need a re-cap.
I have the original boxes. $899 plus shipping CONUS, prefer pickup in CT, or within 100 miles of 06611

The Stereophile crew was very excited about these:
"Other Stereophile writers, like Wes Phillips and Stephen Mejias, had mentioned how impressed they had been with the sound in the Sjöfn room, but what I had not appreciated until I visited the Swedish manufacturer's room towards the end of the Show was: a) how small these speakers were;  how good the stereo imaging was despite the speakers being right up against the wall behind them; and c) how much thunderous bass was being produced by just two reflex-loaded 4" woofers! Of course, the Guru speaker ($1800/pair), photographed here by Larry Greenhill, is designed to take advantage of the low-frequency boundary reinforcement afforded by the close-to-the-corner positioning, but even so, I was surprised by the result. The speakers also sung on soprano vocals; Sjöfn is a company to watch out for, especially as the fact that the speakers must not be used out in the room makes them very spouse-friendly."

They were introduced in 2007 at $1800/pr and the price crept up to about $2200 over the next 5 years.
These are the flat grey version as can be seen in the pictures.








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