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Hi all, new member here just got my first ever pair of AR speakers!  They were given to me by a family friend who is elderly, her husband passed on and her sons were going to throw these away, she kindly stopped them and asked me if i wanted them, she really wanted to pass them on as her husband was a music lover.

So i have started to restore them but have a few questions, this seems like the best place to get good advice!

One of my tweeters seems to have had a hard life and needs replacing, the other one is like new and working well.  The bad tweeter does produce sound but sounds dull.

You'll see in the images i used a dayton dats v2 to measure and test the drivers. 

Can i find a suitable replacement?  Maybe find a second hand tweeter from this model or a 4ax?  I believe this had the same tweeter? 

I have also seen this:


could this be a suitable replacement?

I also have a pair of ar 18b tweeters, thought i could use these for the moment until i source a suitable replacement.

Thoughts on the potentiometers and old sprague capacitor? From what i've read the pots can be cleaned up if not to oxidized but also a straight new l-pad 8 ohm replacement is also fine.










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Attached some more pics of the restoration so far.  New surrounds were needed these are apparently the ones to use for this speaker, ordered from an american company.  I feel like they were not spot on and a direct fit, non the less they installed well and work without any hiccups.  Took a great deal of patience thought to clean all the old glue and then refit the new surround.

Used a 30hz test tone to align it when finishing the glueing process, just need to paint the metal work to tidy it up.

cabinets will also need sanding and oiling, anyone recommend what they use?  Danish oil?  Linseed?













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