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AR18 - Hybrid / Scope for improvement?


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Good day All!

After a long silence I am back to playing with my speakers again.


I had a pair of not so good AR18s and bought another pair just for the drivers. The spare tweeters bought in a new life to my boxes. The old woofer had butchered voice coils and woofer material, so I swapped them too and now it sounds all pleasant.

Why did I not just use the second speaker box? Well the front baffle on the donor was all patchy and mine was mint.

I also upgraded my Rotel RA-414 to a Pioneer A-676 and wow! I am a super happy man! The Rotel now pair with the Minimus 7 in my home office. 

Now I am sitting on a pair of old tweeters and woofers and was wondering how I could put them to good use.

1. I have a AR93 with shot tweeters and would like to use these tweeters on them. How do I get around to refurbishing them? I believe there is an expert on this forum who services them. I wouldn't mind having someone hand carry them to the USA and have it shipped locally to him.

2.The woofer:  I have never repaired a woofer ever, but I am confident I will be able to do a mechanically correct job( if not cosmetically). But what do I do with the woofers? Make an opposing box (like the AR93s bottom end) and make a small sub-woofer unit? I know this requires lot of calculations and probably is not worth it as the woofer may not go very low in a sealed box. The other option is to make a cabinet larger than the AR18  ( 17/25/28) and use an exotic tweeter like an AMT to make a hybrid?

3.Use the woofers in the lower cabinet in the configuration they are in now (see pic), seal the tweeter opening and make a (some kind of) hybrid AR94? 

If I ditch the cabinets, I would like to get rid of the rear switch , binding posts and logos (basically whatever is salvageable) and give it to who ever need them for free on this forum. I have friends travelling almost every alternate month and can do a local courier in the US. I would rather they go to someone who has some use for them instead of hoarding them. 






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