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Dynaco A25's Port on Top


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Welcome to the forum. No Dynaco expert here, but it is well-known that the very popular A25 model had a few different configurations. Per the final post in this thread with pic, yours might be very early versions?


And a similar pair shown here:



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54 minutes ago, Mooselaker said:

...like the Audiokarma thread...

Yep, I thought so, and if you look at the final post in the CSP thread, you'll see the same configuration. I don't know anything further about differences between drivers, crossover components, or performance specs. Post some pics of yours and perhaps you'll get feedback from members with more Dynaco experience.

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RTally,    That's them....... Same condition ..... tweeter offset to the right on both.... SR(and numbers) stamped in woofer face frame. In 2ch. stereo setup

                I'm liking the  the + treble setting, with subwoofer set at 60HZ, and very liitle gain. You?    Thanks! M

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   Finally found info. that included a factory spec. tag  "Model A25X" (in 3 languages) English below.

          FR...32-20,000...Power 35 Watts....Music Power 90 Watts....Sensitivity  88db(hard to read) 8 Ohm

          20" x 11.5"W x 10"....18 lbs.  Must be a very early model(I haven't been able to access manufacture dates)  Looks like ScanSpeak drivers. Anybody have these? Sound great to me..... You?

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