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Hello Friend of Acoustic Research:

A documentary filmmaker from New York -- living in the same town as and acquainted with Edgar Villchur -- is making a documentary film on the life of Edgar Villchur.  This film producer is Cambiz Khosravi, a well-known documentary producer, and he is well on the way with his project, "Edgar Villchur: The American Inventor."  I've helped him quite a bit, and I think the documentary production will be very nice and a great tribute to Edgar Villchur and Acoustic Research.  Mr. Khosravi does need any help he can get to cover the cost of the "production stage" of the film, and PBS -- the likely presenter -- will cover the remaining costs.  Therefore, Khosravi has set up a funding site:


If you can help in any way, it would be fantastic!

--Tom Tyson 

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3 hours ago, Stimpy said:

I hope the documentary comes to fruition.  That would be very interesting to see.

Also, in a similar vein, the Vilchur home was recently sold?  I'd love to hear the stories that it could tell.

Vilchur Home

Thanks for that update.  I've been to that house and actually stayed over a weekend as a guest of the Villchur family some time ago.  It is a great house up on a hill!  Price came down a little, but it still did well!  Beautiful land!

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