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Need help removing mid and tweeter from L810

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Working on a pair of L810s, one speaker needs all the drivers replaced.  Found all the replacement drivers from Ebay.  The woofers came out easily.  But I have no idea how to get the mid-range driver out of the cabinet.  There are 4 screws around the perimeter of the faceplate and 4 screws right around the dome.  It seems those 4 inner screws around the dome are the screws that hold the magnet in place.  So I would think removing the 4 screws around the perimeter would allow for the faceplate to come off with the dome and magnet intact.  But the faceplate does not want to budge.  I don't want to force it because I don't want to chip the baffle.  Obviously since the driver is shot if that were to get damaged no big deal.

Can someone tell me if there is some trick to getting the mid out of the cabinet ?  I haven't even tried taking out the tweeter yet.  Is the faceplate also glued on as well as screwed on ?  I'm at a loss.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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