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KLH Model Nine in NJ


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An ebay seller in northern NJ, not far from me, has not one but TWO pair of these remarkable KLH-branded Arthur JansZen electrostats, "Tested and working. Very good condition" for $1,300/pr OBO.  These have been described in Stereophile as "the most nearly perfect loudspeaker we have ever heard".*

Would that I had the room.......

*Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/klh-model-nine-loudspeaker-page-2#MpwPJVeO8VzryyPm.99

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Just search google for "KLH Model Nine" and you'll find lots of pics. The current KLH company has resurrected them and is selling new ones for $25,000! ?

JansZen will refurbish old ones for anywhere from $2,500 to $9,900 a pair https://www.janszenaudio.com/klh-nine-refurbishment-upgrade


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I would give anything to hear a pair of refurbished KLH 9's. There was a thread on another audiophile blog about 6 months ago about someone from northern NJ purchasing a set of the 9's. I never read anything further about them. I wonder if they sold them or gave up trying to restore them, and if this is one of the set of 9's. Purchasing a set of the 9's is certainly a major commitment in resources and labor, and as much as I would love a pair in my LR, even if I had the space, which I do not, it's more than I'm willing to bite off.

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59 minutes ago, Norman Nicolai said:

I would give anything to hear a pair of refurbished KLH 9's.

Not sure where you are located, but there was a pair of these being demo'd today at Glen's get-together.



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