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Will trade Old prod Allison Drivers for Newer prod


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I have the older production Allison drivers listed below. All the drivers have been verified with ohm check and with music earlier this year. I would like to see them be used but would also like to still have a couple spares for my newer production Allisons. I wonder if anyone is in the opposite situation. (?)  I would love to horse-trade for newer production (2000+) 3 ohm parts in any quantity. Let me know what you need and what you may have to trade. Any quantities and combinations will be considered. J I am happy to e-mail more pics. As others, I struggle to upload to this site.

What I have, Older production:

3- Tweeters 3 ohm. All have 1991 date stamps.

3- Midranges 3 ohm

3- 8” Woofers 3 ohm. Two appear to have been re-foamed at some point, they’re in decent shape. The third needs new foam.


What I would like, Newer production:

Tweeters 3 ohm

Midranges 3 ohm

10” Woofers 3 ohm


old prod drivers1.JPG

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