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For sale - Teledyne/Acoustic Research AR9 speakers


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I have a pristine pair of Teledyne/Acoustic Research AR9 speakers for sale

I purchased the speakers new in 1974. They have been well taken care of and kept in original condition. They have provided me with 40+ years of wonderful music, but I have recently replaced them

       The cabinets are in excellent condition - the original Walnut veneer has no visible nicks, dings or scratches. I have oiled the cabinets every couple of years so the finish is in very good condition. The veneer behind the grills matches the exposed veneer, it is not faded like some pairs I have seen. The speakers have never seen a damp environment, so the pedestals are also in excellent condition


  • All of the drivers are original, including the woofers
  • I replaced all of the grille cloths - the cheesy silver plastic woofer grille trim rings are long gone
  • I replaced all of the crossover capacitors with good quality film and electrolytic parts, receipts will be included
  • I re-foamed the drivers about 10 years ago - the foam surround is in good shape and should be good for at least another 4-5 years. I did not bother to replace the driver trim rings because they are hidden by the grill
  • The original owner's manual is included, but I no longer have the boxes or the packing material
  • Early AR9 speakers did not include the upper mid-range & tweeter acoustic blanket surrounds - I fabricated the ones shown in the pictures from acoustical felt


The speakers have been taken care of and they sound as good as new. They are wonderful speakers and I wish I had the room to keep them for a second system

The speakers are located in Bradenton, Florida

I will not ship these and I will not part them out. I prefer local pickup but I will place them in the back of my SUV and drive them 100 miles or so to meet the buyer for the cost of fuel and maybe lunch. Payment must be made in advance of this arrangement

If you have any questions about the speakers, please feel free to send me a message


1 - Copy.jpg

2 - Copy.jpg

3 - Copy.jpg

4 - Copy.jpg

5 - Copy.jpg

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