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AR5 HiRes Series Floor Model Power


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I have recently acquired an AR 5 HiRes Floor model speaker. It appears that it needs a separate power supply to function. I have search the web for information but have found none. I am not able to get any sound from the speaker by connecting the speaker wires to the terminals. Perhaps there is another problem with the speaker but I thought I would ask here. I have opened it up and did a quick look around and took some photos. I don't see any visible sign of damage or bad caps. As I don't have a service manual it is a little difficult to do more until I find out if it needs a separate power supply to work. I was not sure if the power was only for the woofer. Any comments or advice will be appreciated. I have tried to upload a few photos but there seems to be a problem not sure what. 

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Thanks for your comment. Yes, this is the speaker (although black cabinet). Weighs a ton. It does use the Sunfire amp. It has two male connectors for the power supply. The plug is shaped like those for a computer power supply but not with third (ground) connector. I tried it with a computer style power supply plug and connected the speaker to the amp using the usual speaker wires. I was able to get sound out of the woofer which is in very good condition (visually at least) and got very muddled sound out of the woofer and none from the mid ranges or tweeter. The tweeter is badly damaged but the mid -ranges are in good condition. The foam on the mid-ranges and woofer are in very good condition. No deterioration which I find a little surprising.

However, I still am wondering if there is a propriety power supply required to actually make the speaker function. I checked all the fuses on the amp and they are all good. However, I get a rather loud "pooping" noise when I turn the speaker on and off even with the amp sound turn all the way down. Don't like that at all. Makes me think that there is something wrong with the amp. It must have some kind of speaker protection circuit but again with no schematic or service manual I am at a loss. I will start checking the caps but beyond that I am not sure what else to do. I have considered parting it out put given that I really don't know what is really wrong with it I am not really there yet. Thanks again for your message. I wish someone would tell me why I am unable to attach a 9.2 meg jpg. All I get is a message "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200" I assume it is too big but it looks like the max size is 200MB. 

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