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AR9s, bought new in 1980

Goose Lavel

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15588164571703.jpg.d96f65b340280a04bd6a26cff6782eff.jpg15588165930404.jpg.ce359d822e094c52ad7488dba7948bd6.jpgI bought a pair AR9s new when I worked at Teledyne MEC in 1980. 

I really enjoyed listening to them over the past several decades but, unfortunately for me, I've developed severe tinnitus from years of motorcycling and various acoustic traumas and I can no longer listen to music (or ride).  It is quite heartbreaking.

So these awesome speakers have sat unused for the past 4 years and I know I need to part with them, I'm just unsure how to go about it and I thought this forum would be the best place to start.  I don't know how to determine their worth.

Although I can't hear it do to high-frequency hearing loss, my wife belives one of the speakers has developed a high-frequency hiss.  

Let me know if you guys need more info. I appreciate your help.  I'm in the SF bay area.



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Nice !

The hiss could be one of several things but I don't think its the tweeter but it could be.

AR speakers are getting top dollar now days. Your's look to be in very nice condition.

They could fetch $2000 or maybe more.

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On 5/25/2019 at 7:54 PM, Stimpy said:

Do the 9's have their original LMR driver's?  They look like TSW Series 8" woofers? 

Are you referring to the texture of the cone. They do look a little like poly cone TSW drivers, but I believe they AR 200027-0 drivers. The dust caps are correct, the silicone around the interedge of the surround is present and even the black foam gasket over the screw heads is there. Here are mine before and after refoam.


Goose your serial numbers are in the 12000 range and mine ar in the 15000. I have AR grill badges and not the retucalangler ones I have seen others. These are highly sought after and priced right won't last long.  There is currently a pair on CL in Chicago you can compare them to pricewise.  Yours may be in better condition and being one owner is always a plus.


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I bought these today from Goose (Michael), the original owner.  It turns out he was a Teledyne engineer and bought these for 50% off as an employee in 1980.  They are really quite lovely.  I haven't hooked them up yet but don't anticipate much will be involved in taking them to like-new condition.  He even had the original sales and owner's literature in its original envelope.

Michael and his wife loved these speakers and seemed genuinely pleased that they're going to an AR enthusiast who will love them, and not molest and flip them.

I really need to (eventually) make some decisions about what to keep.  I now have AR-9, AR-90, AR-92, AR-2ax and 2 pair of AR-3a at home and a pair of AR-4x with my son in Philadelphia.

I'm feeling very happy today, and thankful for the friend who drove with me to make the pickup - BTW as a point of possible interest, these fit perfectly in the bed of my Honda Ridgeline, almost as though they were meant for one another.


AR-3 and AR-9 in living room.jpg

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Awesome!  Congratulations!

I am a former Teledyne employee as well.  Though, it was Teledyne Avionics.  Still, the 50% off Employee Discount was offered to the Avionics personal too.  That's how I picked up my AR90's, around 1981.  But, the 9's, weren't offered at the time.  I still wish they had been available.  I probably would have bought those also.

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It was great meeting John and his friend today.  I'm very pleased to see them go to home with a true enthusiast who will appreciate and restore these wonderful AR9s.

It's odd to see them missing from my living room after many decades, but I could no longer use them due to tinnitus and I know John will truly love them.


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